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About PSG

The PENNSYLVANIA SOCIETY OF GOLDSMITHS (PSG) is a non-profit organization created by metalsmiths to aid and support metalsmiths through meetings, publicity, workshops, and exhibitions.  PSG was organized in 1979 by a handful of independent artisan jewelers to exchange reputable, industry resource information. Their wish was to expand on, and learn more about jewelry-making techniques. 

Member Opportunities

Today, PSG's soaring membership has expanded beyond Pennsylvania. Our growing numbers have enabled us to offer affordable education, lectures, technical information, exhibition opportunities, supplier discounts and networking opportunities. While PSG's general membership meets en masse only once or twice a year, our members are very active in smaller groups through these activities. 

The PSG website presents its members with continually updated opportunities such as calls for entry to craft shows and exhibitions, workshops and classes (including those non-affiliated with PSG), publications, a marketplace and more.  The Gallery on the site showcases work by members and inclusion is free with membership. 

Our quarterly member newsletter, with articles about workshops and exhibitions, tips, tools, and more is published online and available to members only.  It is sent to our members via email and is also available on the website for easy access.  We also publish free articles and blogs throughout the year on the website.

We are proud to offer 3 – 6 reasonably priced workshops per year by prestigious metalsmiths, such as past presenters Todd Reed, Marne Ryan, Bill Fretz, Harold O'Connor, Julie Jerman-Melka, and Betty Helen Longhi.  Many of these masters maintain ongoing relationships with PSG, participating in our group shows and events. 

Member Shows

PSG members are also offered several show opportunities each year, ranging from “trunk shows” to month-long installations in prestigious galleries and museums.  These shows, while restricted to PSG members, are juried to ensure a high standard of presentation and frequently result in ongoing relationships between the artists and participating galleries/museums.

Our long-standing relationships with other professional organizations also enable us to offer our members the  opportunity to jury into affordable group booths at  the Buyers Market of American Crafts and similar prestigious shows.  Each PSG group booth is chaired by an experienced wholesale artisan member;  participants are mentored throughout their preparation and participation by experienced wholesale jewelry artists (also members) on topics such as pricing, preparing a cohesive wholesale line, collateral materials, display design, and more.  To ensure that this remains a nurturing experience that promotes continued growth, participating members can be in the group booth for a maximum of 2 years (4 shows).  After that point, they are expected to have the knowledge and experience to jury in to the show on their own; however, ongoing support, encouragement, and mentoring can continue for as long as the artisan needs.

Looking To The Future

Although we have grown significantly over the years, we remain dedicated to staying abreast of new developments in the jewelry-making field – with a strong focus on education – and our continued support for working metal artists is unsurpassed.   Our membership spans all levels from beginner through master, and includes professional, student, and casual metalsmiths, all of whom work together to enrich each other and support PSG's continued success.

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