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Esta Jo Schifter

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I had a beautiful handmade dress that I couldn’t find earrings for, so I took a jewelry class at a local high school. With the amateur’s confidence, I assumed the job would be easy. It was not.

I hit copper with my hammer. I had found my calling late in life in multiple ways. I like challenges. I like to learn something…many things…every day. As a metalsmith I need to be an accomplished metallurgist, mathematician, artist and risk-taker. I was none of these things but now I had the opportunity to both learn and create art.

I find metal is a venue of contrasts. Seemingly hard, immobile, cold and fixed, I find metal fluid, flexible, warm and soft. I address both impressions as truth and want the observer or the wearer to investigate my work closely and to see both realities.

I reconcile conflicts between appearance and reality, intention and reception by presenting opposites, imbalance, and contrast in my work. A small earring with a long loop, precious material joined with base material or f


Triangles Abound

A precious pendant emphasizing the contrast between colors of metals, metal and open space.

Fine silver, 23KYG Keum Boo. 

   Price: $ 210
    limited edition
each piece is created solely to customer specifications
Epidote in Quartz  

Epidote in Quartz

An unusual stone mined in Brazil's Amazon region. The greenish inclusions of epidote bring dynamism to the clear quartz. Paired with a necklace of black tumbled tourmaline, this piece can be worn as a pin or a pendant.

Sterling silver, brass, epidote. Roller pressed, patina, soldering.

   Price:  $ 650
    one of a kind
no customizations possible


Wedding bands or rings to celebrate a special event.
The rings are completely customizable from the words to the language. Can be made in any precious metal.
Prices depend upon choice of metal and size.

18kyg, cad/cam, cast. Also done hand fabricated

   Price:  $ 2500
    production series
each piece is created solely to customer specifications
Tree of Life  

Tree of Life

A representation of the Tree of Life using negative and positive space. This particular pendant is strung on a strand of lava beads. Also made without an attached necklace.

Fine silver, pierced

   Price:  $ 235
    limited edition
modifications optional (by customer request)

   Price:  $ 0
    limited edition
modifications optional (by customer request)