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Tom Werkheiser Schnecksville, PA
FaceBook "TIE Designs" (610) 799-2615

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I enjoy creating design themes and seeing how that inspires my current work direction. I like to incorporate various techniques, such as reticulation, fusion, broom casting, fold forming, patinas, etc. in order to enhance my designs by depicting an appearance of flow, volume. I continually look for inspiration, in all facets of life and through learning new jewelry making techniques. When working with gemstones, I select stones with a preconceived notion of creating accentuating bezels. All of these concepts, and more, are encompassed in the development of TIE's unique artisan jewelry approach.


Pendant from "The Edge of Eden" Collection.

Silver and Copper, using fold formed leaves,
and a hammered figure 8 sterling frame with and inclusive bail.  

   Price: $ 85
    one of a kind
no customizations possible

   Price:  $

   Price:  $

   Price:  $

   Price:  $